Before Arriving to UMW

FSEM Prep: 

Common Read is Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly which should be read over the summer, as many class will be tied to the content of this book.

Prepping for College :

What to Bring 

What not to Bring 

Prepping for Move-In

Move-In Day 

Summer “Homework” (as mentioned at orientation) 

Students new to UMW have a series of tasks and assignments to complete prior to their arrival in August. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicated items that are mandatory. Other items should be considered by students and their families.  Items on the list apply to all first-year students.

  • *Common Read: “Hidden Figures”: The Common Read is a student’s first college reading assignment, and books are distributed at June Orientation. As part of new student arrival in August, all first-year students join their classmates, upperclass students, faculty, and staff in an engaging discussion of the book. Throughout the year, various programs and events carry through themes emerging from the reading.
  • *“The A Game” – book:The A Game is an excellent, easy to follow, and exceedingly useful guide to help students improve their academic performance (and hence their grades) in college. In nine easy steps, Professor Sufka challenges students to take more control of the grades they get and — equally important — he tells them exactly how to do it.
  • *Mandatory Training:  Title IX: Think About Itis an interactive, online course provided by Campus Clarity to prepare students in four areas: sex in college, social/party life in college, bystander intervention and healthy/unhealthy relationships.  The course also informs you about UMW’s interpersonal violence and alcohol use policies, as well as on- and off-campus resources for support.  On average, the course takes about 2 hours to complete, but can be completed in multiple sittings.
  • *Mandatory Training: Canvas – Honor: The strong relationships we enjoy at Mary Washington are based on our trust in one another, and the Honor System helps build that trust. Your fellow students on the Honor Council have created this tutorial to let you know how we live with integrity at UMW and to welcome you into our community. Access the tutorial by logging in to Canvas from the UMW home page, clicking on “Courses” on the left side of the screen, and choosing “Honor Tutorial 2017”.
  • *Health records & insurance requirements: Virginia State law (§ 23-7.5) requires that all full-time students enrolled for the first time in a four-year public institution of higher education in the Commonwealth submit a health history.  The Student Health Center (SHC) does not require a physical examination but it does require a visit to your health provider for immunization records and verification with a signature. This document is an editable PDF, that is, for most information areas you may type on the form rather than handwrite. The form can be found here:
  • ____ *Get Ready for New Student Arrival: Mark your calendar! New Student Arrival begins for all incoming students on August 23rd and lasts until the first day of classes on August 28th. Students will be welcomed by President Paino, learn more about the UMW community, meet other incoming students, and end the experience with Eagle Gathering, a UMW traditional event that occurs the evening before the first day of classes.

Delegated Access: Students have control over which individual(s) may have access to their academic and financial information and the length of time that the access is granted. Delegated access is limited to financial aid and final grade information only. When completing this process, students will also see the word “proxy” used to describe the access given to their selected individual(s).

  • Authorized Payer: One of the most exciting features of EaglePAYis the ability for Parents to view and pay the electronic bills through their own individual access. If Parents are set up as an Authorized Payer by the Student, then they will have access to the Student’s financial account. However the Student (who is the administer of the account) must first set up the Parents as Authorized Payers within the system before they are able to access it. For more information and instructions please click on the EaglePAY
  • Direct Deposit: UMW highly recommends that students sign up for direct deposit so that Financial Aid funds can go directly into their bank accounts.  Direct deposit can help to avoid the additional delay in both mailing and receiving a check.
  • Transcripts and AP scores
    • Transcripts – Students who wish to have previous college-level coursework evaluated including AP, IB, and CLEP should send transcripts directly to the Registrar’s office for evaluation.  AP and IB scores for exams taken in the spring are available in late July.  Once evaluated, the UMW transcript will be updated to reflect any awarded credit.  It can take several weeks for scores/transcripts to be reviewed once they are received at UMW, so please send your scores in as soon as possible.  Students should check their transcript to confirm which courses have been awarded credit and also verify the fall schedule to ensure the student is not enrolled in any course which has been awarded previous credit.  If schedule adjustments need to be made, the student should consult with a professional academic advisor in Academic Services if an alternative class has not already been selected.
    • Fall schedule adjustments –Students may drop and add courses through the first Friday of the first week of the fall semester.  If a student wishes to drop and/or add a course, the student should first consult with a professional academic advisor in the Academic Services office.  FSEM courses may not be dropped.
  • Domain of One’s Own: Learn more about the Domain of One’s Own project you were introduced to at orientation and how you can claim your domain and begin building out your self-determined digital identity.